Social networks have become a showcase for many companies, a business for many popular characters and an app that many people are hooked on and where they publish almost everything they do every day. However, due to its great popularity, many take advantage of it to publish abusive content, spam, threats, etc. If you have come across any such content or are being harassed or threatened, we show how to report all this type of content on Instagram.

The profiles of the social network can be public or private. This means that a public profile is visible to everyone, even to those who do not have an account on the social network. However, to see the publications of a private profile we will have to send a follow-up request and that the owner of that profile accepts it.

Therefore, if someone posts abusive content or spam on Instagram from a public profile, anyone can see it even if they do not have an account on the social network. Now, without having a profile it is also possible to report this type of content on Instagram.

In this case, the only thing we have to do if we find content that does not conform to the Instagram community rules is to fill in the following form. The first thing we will be asked is if we have an Instagram account, in which case we will have to indicate that No. Next, we must report if the infraction that we want to report appears in a photo, video, comment or full profile.

Depending on the answer, they will continue to ask us other questions and we will have to fill in a series of fields where we will have to give our email address and the data of the account on which we want to make the report on Instagram.

Now, if we are users of Instagram and want to report some content, we can choose to fill in the same form mentioned above or we can do it directly from the app itself or from the web version from the social network.

How to report any content on Instagram

Report a post

To report a publication on Instagram from the app itself or from the browser, these are the steps to follow:

We enter the social network with our profile
We go to the publication that we want to report.
We touch on three point icon that appears in the publication itself.
We select the option Report or Report inappropriate content.

report on Instagram

We indicate if we want to report for Spam or inappropriate content.
If we indicate the second option, we will be asked the reason for the complaint, being able to choose between different options and finally, we will send the complaint to Instagram to study the case.

Report a profile

If what we want to report on Instagram is a profile whose content is all inappropriate, then we must follow these steps:

We enter the network with our account.
Let’s go to the profile in question.
We touch on the icon of the three points that appear next to the profile.
We select the option Report.
We follow the instructions and finish the process.

Report on Instagram

In the case of doing it from the web, the option that will appear is Report User.

Report a comment

We may also find ourselves in the situation of wanting to report a comment made to us in one of our publications or in any other profile. Then:

We open Instagram and log into our profile.
Let’s go to the publication where the commentary.
We tap on the icon of snack that appears below the post.
We search for the comment in question and tap on it continuously on Android, swipe left over the comment on iOS.

We tap on the icon that appears at the top with admiration.
Then we select the option Report this comment.
Finally, we select the reason.

If someone leaves an inappropriate comment in one of our publications we can delete it without any problem. If it is a comment published by someone else, we will not be able to delete it, but we will be able to report it, it is also done anonymously so that information is not shared with anyone.