Postcards from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be recorded in 41 small houses

The coronavirus pandemic caused the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 to be canceled despite having everything prepared for its broadcast. However, after the adaptation of the format that was tested during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the adult version is already beginning to make the first preparations for its next edition. The EBU has announced what the postcards of the 41 countries participating in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will be like that will be related to the slogan of the edition, « Open Up ».

The little house where they will make the postcards of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

The Eurovision postcards are the presentation videos of each representative that are seen before their performance in the contest. Normally the artists would have traveled to the host country, in this case the Netherlands, to record the images in special locations. But nevertheless, Given the uncertainty about how the Covid-19 health crisis will unfold next year, the organization has had to create an alternative completely innovative.

Gerben Bakker, director of the contest, explained that in 2021 the different participants of the festival will be presented to the public with recordings made from their own country and these images will be seen in a « tiny house » which will be installed in different parts of Holland: « The house will be the central theme, precisely because our rooms have never been more important than this year and at the same time, we open our house to the rest of the world. » The recording will take place in March and April, and the videos will be produced by IDTV.

The locations of the postcards

« For these tiny houses we are looking for unique places in the Netherlands; the most beautiful and special places in our country, those that we can portray in a spectacular way, » explains the director of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Although they plan to use « known places » they are also really interested in « discovering the jewels » that their country has to offer. . Therefore, the municipalities or regions that are interested in being part of the postcards can register through until December 31, 2020. Of course, as it is a different format, Bakker affirms that the recordings will be made « on a large scale » and therefore they have to take into account the space around the house to be able to film everything and that it is well adapted.