Post Malone will give a concert for the 25 years of Pokémon and here we tell you how to see it

2021 is surprising us in many ways, for better and for worse, because throughout these years we will celebrate some very important events from a distance. But speaking specifically of the gamer world and anime lovers, We will celebrate with great fanfare 25 years of one of the most beloved franchises in the world, Pokémon. Yes, believe it or not they have been with us for a long time and reinventing themselves all the time.

It was in 1996 when the first video game appeared and suddenly it became a worldwide phenomenon. Pikachu, Ash and company They jumped to the small screen, then to the movies, later they went to our phones Y From there we have seen them in a lot of media, making new generations fall in love with all those great characters with whom we grew up and that we love so much.

Can you find Pikachu hiding among Charlie Brown in this visual challenge?Can you find Pikachu hiding among Charlie Brown in this visual challenge?

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Post Malone and Pokémon put on a special show

That is why being such an important franchise and to celebrate 25 years of Pokémon, they will throw the house out the window with a lot of special things. They announced collaborations with different brands of clothing, toys and more, although it was striking that they allied with several very important artists worldwide such as Katy Perry, but now we are left with a square eye announcing an event with … Post Malone?

It turns out that a few days ago, Nintendo revealed they will host a concert with the 25-year-old rapper. Through an epic video, they made up this news in which, we see Post walking towards a stage but at the time of taking the microphone, in the other hand he has a pokeball and suddenly he turns into an animated character. Then we leave the clip for you to check for yourself.

When will the concert be?

If you feel like watching Post Malone’s virtual show to celebrate 25 years of Pokemon will be transmitted next February 27 from 6 pm Central Mexico time. Now, to see it the thing is very simple because they have three options, the first is to follow it live from the official site of the video game, although they can also take it completely through the channel they have on Twitch and YouTube.

We do not know what setlist he will play or if he will have any guests, hopefully Ozzy Osbourne will not rip a Zubat’s head off, but we are certainly excited about this unexpected collaboration. But while that day comes, Let’s listen to “Circles,” one of the hits that Post released on his latest studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding:

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