Possible fight of the year or ‘hit the stick’

Luis ‘Pantera’ Nery vs. Brandon Figueroa unify the WBC-WBA titles of the super bantamweight division, it is the fight of the weekend and do not hesitate, it is another potential candidate to steal the award of best fight of 2021. Two undefeated knockers face, with differences in the physical, with crossed guards and full of different nuances in boxing values. Something that makes their fight look fascinating in the previous.

What can and cannot happen in this fight? In the video we will see the face to face, the morbid, the familiar details of one and the changes in the corner of the other. We also analyze the differences between the two, the weaknesses, the strengths and the aspects that could determine victory or defeat.

We also imagine the plans, the strategic drawing of the fight and although it is another one of those fights with almost impossible prognosis, we risk a possible result, based on the only element that could make the small, but decisive difference to establish a winner of this fight. to ‘rent balconies’.

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