Possible destinations for Trevor Story via change this season

The shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, Trevor story, could be leaving the team through a change; has many candidates in the MLB.

# 1 New York Yankees

Although they have a twice all-star shortstop like Gleyber Torres, they have been interested in Story for a long time in the MLB; Furthermore, their prospect system is ranked 18th out of the 30 in the majors, they have a lot to offer even though Jasson Dominguez is untouchable.

# 2 Oakland Athletes

The departure of Marcus Semien and the terrible offense that Elvis Andrus has had this season, has prompted the Athletes to be interested in a net shortstop with a good offense that helps them continue with the pace they are in the majors, who have one of the best records of the season.

With the No. 26-ranked farm system, Oakland doesn’t have many top-tier prospects to offer, but taking Manny Machado’s trade to the Dodgers as an example when they traded 4 prospects and one of their top 5 for a player who he was in his last season of contract; Awesome.

# 3 Milwaukee Brewers

Although Mexican Luis Urías has been performing wonderfully at shortstop this season, he could be moved to second to make room for Trevor Story who aims to stay for a season and would not agree to be moved to another position, while Urías has experience at second base.

If Milwaukee would be willing to take on Story’s salary (he will make a little more than $ 6 million in the last two months) it could also hamper a deal between the Rockies and the Brewers, but the adjustment is there. field.

# 4 Cincinnati Reds

It is not a secret that this team is crazy looking for a net shortstop, since, they do not believe that Eugenio Suárez can make everything with that position throughout his career in the MLB.

The Reds have five prospects in the top 100 of the best in the majors, at least two of those could be sacrificed by that organization.

# 5 Tampa Bay Rays

This is the least likely destination, but it can be given, Willy Adames could be a piece for the Colorado Rockies to let him become a veteran there, however, the Rays have the best prospect in the entire MLB who plays in that positioned and is definitely untouchable.

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