The world is assuming that dark times are coming and that this has only just begun. The coronavirus will not subside until there is a vaccine and the pace of life prior to the pandemic seems incompatible with the current situation. Michele Roberts, director of the NBPA, expressed herself in this regard in words collected by ESPN, showing some unease at the medium-term outlook and its impact on basketball. The weight of this organization in the decisions of the league is very notable, so the fact that it hints at the increasingly probable option that the bubble will last until the next campaign is something to consider.

« If what awaits us in the near future is similar to what we are currently experiencing, it is impossible for me to think that we can organize any sporting event without a health bubble like Orlando’s current one, » said Roberts. « I pray every day and I trust that this will improve and in a few months we can lead a normal life, that families can work and be together, and that the world of sports will recover. But if the only way to get ahead of the competition It is with a bubble like the current one, we will not hesitate to play the entire season that comes that way, « argued an always forceful Roberts.

And is that there are compelling arguments that support that theory. « It is impossible to think that, in this context, the NBA You can take the risk of so many trips since it would be unfeasible to avoid infections. Until there is a vaccine, I think it will be impossible to resume basketball at the same rate, « he said before assessing the current situation in Orlando. » We have come here based on work and effort, so we must strictly comply with the protocol . The quality of the facilities adapts perfectly to what the templates need, and although of course there are things that can be improved and we are in talks to do so, I am very satisfied with the entire protocol, « she said. Michele Roberts.