Portugalete and Haro Deportivo do not find the goal and share the points (0-0)

04/07/2021 at 8:03 PM CEST

The Portugalete and the Haro They started the Second Phase of Second B drawing 0-0 in the inaugural meeting held this Wednesday in Florida. With this result at the end of the duel, the two teams are in third and seventh position respectively.

During the first part of the game none of the players managed to score, so during the first 45 minutes the score did not move from the initial 0-0.

Neither team managed to score in the second half, so the match ended with a score of 0-0.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Portugalete gave entrance to Mayor, Bernard, Ayala and Salty by Valero, Thaylor, Alvaro Arnedo and Esteve Monterde, Meanwhile he Haro Deportivo gave entrance to Joseba and Butzke by Borja garcia and Mikel Good.

The referee decided to caution six players. On the part of the locals the yellow card went to Murua, Thaylor, Zekri and Ayala and by the Haro admonished Ivan garrido and Lasted.

At the moment, the Portugalete and the Haro They have managed to add one more point to their boxes after eating the Second Phase of Second B.

On the second day the Portugalete will play against him Izarra at home, while the Haro Deportivo will face the Leioa in his fiefdom.

Data sheetPortugalete:Jorge Mediavilla, Zekri, Murua, Rubio, Nacho Ruiz, Álvaro Arnedo (Ayala, min.78), Valero (Mayor, min.61), Esteve Monterde (Salado, min.78), Thaylor (Bernardo, min.73), Musy and EizmendiHaro Deportivo:Fermín Sobrón, Duro, Borja Garcia (Joseba, min.46), Josua, Mikel Bueno (Butzke, min.85), Iván Garrido, Vesiaho, Egiluz, Alex Valiño, Gaizka Martínez and HéctorStadium:FloridaGoals:0-0