Porsche wants you to spend your hours in their watch configurator

Porsche is very interested in offering a premium luxury experience, just as it is very interested in creating the best sports cars in the world. The latter is proven by cars like the latest 911 GT3, which you can configure with the help of artificial intelligence and which will narrow down the ideal options out of potential millions. If you think this is a good way to hang out, that’s because you haven’t built your perfect watch.

In the mid-1990s, Porsche almost disappeared from the automotive face. The company was in dire straits, with a range of sports cars already veteran and too expensive to produce. To generate money, the brand partnered with other brands to build cars for them, see the case of the Mercedes-Benz 500 E and the Audi RS2. With that extra cash injection, the Boxster was developed, and later the Cayenne, the two models that saved the brand from bankruptcy and got it where it is today.

Because, these days, the brand is not the type of company that sells things at a bargain price. It really doesn’t matter what you do, clients always pay anyway. Anything that belongs to the porsche family is well received, so in addition to its four-wheel products, the German firm also offers an extensive range fashion products and merchandisingwith which to make a little more cash and make being part of the company more accessible to a greater number of people.

One of those things is watches, which sometimes do not necessarily have to be cheaper than one of your cars, as we will see now. Although the chronograph configurator already existed previously, the web design has been redesigned in such a way that exactly resembles the car configurator. Even for tire fanatics, there is good news, various designs can be selected for the lower section of the watch inspired by footwear from the full-scale models.

The case and clasp are finished in natural titanium, which can be exchanged for black titanium for a small fee. You can also modify the bezel, the hands, the base color of the dial and its ring, the strap, the type of leather, the tone of the seams, the engraving on the plate and the color options for the rope motor. Additionally, 911 GT3 owners have the opportunity to own a custom watch that normal 911 owners can only dream of, even though it costs 7,750 euros in its cheapest format.

And just like with cars, in the pretentious Porsche Design Timepieces Configurator you have to tick off too many options to make it a bit palatable. Designed in Austria and built in Switzerlanda, you will not take one home for less than five thousand euros base, well, for 4,950 euros, to be exact. For that price range, you also have a TAG Heuer Monaco, a chronograph watch that undoubtedly exudes more essence from the Stuttgart firm, but without the word Porsche written on it.

The German manufacturer’s extracurricular activities make it one of the only ones with its own watch company. With more than 1.5 million permutations availableThanks to all the options on offer, there is a good chance that no two of these are the same. After building their dream chronograph, customers receive a unique code to send the watch to a Porsche dealer or a Porsche Design store.

Source: Porsche

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