Porsche Vision Renndienst or how to make a cool electric “van” …

Porsche Vision Renndienst Prototype

Today it is not uncommon to see Car Brands explore creative avenues beyond vehicle production. One of the best examples is the design and sale of products for merchandising. Ferrari, Porsche or Bugatti They are three of the firms that make the most of the fever of their faithful for them. However, it is a practice that all houses carry out today. But be careful, it is not the only way they can study, even if they don’t like it so much.

And if we tell you that Porsche has created an electric van Would you believe it? If not, you should, since prototype design is another of the ways that we mentioned before. All in all, before you start to hyperventilate we’ll tell you no, will not go to the assembly line. In fact, this model is already “old” because the Porsche Vision Renndienst saw the light in 2020, although so far we have not seen its interior. And be careful, you will like it …

With the Porsche Vision Renndienst Prototype the firm shows how the interiors of its future cars could be …

Porsche Vision Renndienst Prototype

Porsche Vision Renndienst Prototype

As you well know, because we have told you several times, the future of Porsche is through electricity. It is not the only firm that goes in this direction, but after the alliance with Rimac to manage Bugatti their plans have been sped up a bit. So much so that the next delivery of the Macan will be, or will have, a battery-powered version in its range. Be that as it may, with the Porsche Vision Renndienst they want to show what the interiors of their future models will be like.

First of all, forget about the classic vans, because the arrangement of their seats has nothing to do with it. Here there is six seats, but the driver is alone. Yes, because your seat will be unique and it is in a central position surrounded by a curved windshield. To control your driving, enjoy a digital cockpit and some haptic controls that are distributed by the dashboard. In addition, this seat rotates 180 degrees, making it easier for you to coexist with passengers.

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The second row is divided into two independent seats separated by the center. Thanks to this, they create a corridor so that passengers can go to the third row that, now, is a run bench. The headrest are integrated, helping to provide optimal vision through the rear window. Nor can we ignore the opening of doors or the asymmetrical glazed surface, which allow comfortable access and high visual rest.

According to declarations of its creators

“We thought about how to get the unmistakable Porsche flair in a cabin far removed from the classic sports car interior. And how to design autonomous driving » […] “It is not that we take for granted that our customers want to give up driving” […] “If I want to drive, I have a greater feeling of being in a command post than in any other car. If not, the driver’s seat can be rotated 180 degrees and oriented facing the other passengers. We have been developing this basic idea for about a year »

So what, Now you like the idea of ​​an electric van from Porsche?… Perhaps…

Source – Porsche

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