Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0: Instant Classic

Under the beautiful shell of one of the most recent versions of the 718 hides one of the most purist Porsche to date. Not just any 718, well the brand’s largest atmospheric boxer sits between the two axes, a manual gearbox brings drive to the rear wheels, while the sky will open before us unlimitedly when we put away the soft top.

718 GTS 4.0, like the rest of the GTS line, is focused on the most demanding driversThose who still enjoy the mechanical connection to the car, offering unique driving experiences.


Technically, this version is based on the rarer and more expensive 718 Spyder, the convertible of the 718 Cayman GT4, with just 20 hp less than these. The GT4 and Spyder arrived as a limited production of this compact coupe, but the GTS continues that driving spirit, perhaps with less exclusivity, but with similar characteristics, posing as a smarter purchase.

On the outside it has details that make it different from the 718, but not as radical as the Spyder, but like this one, carbon-ceramic brakes are included as an option to complement the dynamic performance.

It has elements that distinguish it from a conventional 718, although they are not as radical as in the SpyderSandowalsky

In strict theory, we are in front of a roadster mid-engined (two-seater convertible coupe), the largest naturally aspirated engine in the Porsche range and perhaps the last great naturally aspirated engine of the brand now that electrification is in overdrive at VW group.

If your thing is the purist handling, the old school of engines that roar without assists, turbos or anything that adorns them, this is probably the last Porsche that can be obtained with similar characteristics, mainly because despite the technical superiority of the 911 , all its versions are turbo today.

Inside is like any other 718. High quality, top-notch materials, exceptional assemblies, and lots of technology are the standard. However, it is already starting to feel a bit lagging behind the 911 in terms of quality, not because the 718 is bad, but because the new generation 911 is exceptionally good. However, and beyond equipment and materials, the best thing about the 718 GTS 4.0 is, as we should expect, the handling.

The interiors on this 718 aren't bad, but they already feel a bit lagging behind the 911's.Sandowalsky

Many of the items that are optional on the entry-level 718s come standard here, and few options remain available to equip, although, as always at Porsche, everything is customizable. More equipment, colors, finishes and alternatives will always be possible.

Serial comes with rear mechanical limited-slip differential electronically controlled (Porsche Torque Vectoring), sports PASM suspension with variable hardness lowered by 20 mm (Porsche Active Suspension Management), engine and gearbox mounts with variable hardness (Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts), Sport Chrono Package . If the owner wishes, he can request that the suspension be lowered only by 10 mm.

Steel brakes with carbon-ceramic option they make this lightweight convertible coupe just as quick to stop as it is to accelerate. Unlike the last generation GTS with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, now considerably more powerful and faster, but just a little below the 718 Spyder, since they share an engine with a little less power.

It is an opposed six-cylinder boxer, 4.0 liter displacement and atmospheric aspiration, the largest of its kind manufactured by Porsche. Most likely it is the last engine like this in the brand, since from now on it is possible that we will only see turbo and electric motors, which makes this model one of those that should mark the end in an era in the Stuttgart brand, something worth considering for a collection.

Like the Spyder, GTS can be ordered with a seven-speed manual gearbox, also one of the last of its kind, although unlike this one, the GTS can be ordered with a seven-speed PDK box, although if you ask us, the manual is the correct choice here, as it ends up giving it that old-fashioned flavor school.

The handling of this 718 at sea level invited us to demand this great engineSandowalsky

Full throttle with an engine of this size at sea level is unmatched, it is a delight for the senses, from progressively delivering torque from below the tachometer, to stretching rpm to the limit to extract maximum performance and almost touch 300 km / h, just under the Spyder and barely a tenth of a second behind at zero at 100 km / h.

Steering is more accurate and faster than Dr. House’s scalpelCeramic brakes are amazing as from their first generation, and the more we abuse them, the better they brake. Furthermore, with the engine to centerTurning in this bullet is always a joy, with adjustable suspensions, dynamic box and engine mounts and the signature tuning of any Porsche.


H6, 4.0 l, 400 hp


Seven-speed manual, rear-wheel drive


Vel. Max. 293 km / h

0-100 km / h: 4.5 s.


9.2 km / l, tank: 64 l, range 587 km


235/35 R20 Front, 265/35 R20 Rear.


Six airbags, ABS, EBD, LCA, PSM, RDK and TCS.

Price range

From 1,194,000 to 1,848,000 MXN

Unit tested

GTS 4.0: 1,648,000 MXN