Pornhub, the most popular adult content platform, will make its premium content available to everyone completely free. Pornhub does it so that more people decide to stay home and thus avoid contagions by coronavirus (covid-19), as well as to make the closure more bearable. The free premium content is now available in Mexico, and you can access it for the next 30 days.

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As part of your Stayhomehub campaign, Pornhub has made its content for premium users completely free to everyone (including Mexico). Pornhub wants you to stay home to flatten the covid-19 spread curve, and make quarantine more bearable.

To access Pornhub premium free you just have to create an account on your platform with your email and a password. On the home page, look for the yellow box that says “Try Premium”, give it and enter your information to create your own account completely free. Remember that you access premium content on the condition of staying at home, or at least constantly washing your hands if your daily activities do not allow you to isolate yourself at home:

Pornhub had already put its free premium content in some of the countries most affected by the coronavirus such as Italy and Spain, but now everyone including Mexico and Latin America can have these benefits without paying a single peso. Pornhub saw more than 11% increase in activity on your page once the quarantine began in different parts of the world, so he began his Stayhomehub campaign to contribute to the self-isolation or healthy distancing by the covid-19.

Pornhub Premium will be free for all Mexicans who create an account on the platform for the next 30 days until April 23.