During the coronavirus crisis originating in China, the first country to be seriously affected in Europe was Italy. Although a few days behind, Spain suffers a similar evolution and Pornhub has decided to replicate the opening of its entire Premium catalog in a critical situation that keeps millions of people confined at home.

Pornhub thus joins the trend of some platforms to nourish Spaniards with content during home confinement. Or at least during a period of one month in which you can access all the benefits of a Premium account without having to enter the credit card information, but simply access with a Spanish IP.


Also, from Pornhub indicate that –probably a very small one– part of your profits during this period will be donated to the cause. “Sales” of one of its portals will be dedicated to “helping the country to cope with the emergency”, however, maintaining the earnings of the models, which “will remain intact, since this donation comes directly from the coffers of Pornhub.”

In light of expanding quarantines, we are extending Free Pornhub Premium for the month to our friends in Spain! Pornhub will also donate this month’s sales from Modelhub (model earnings will remain untouched) Come on, Spain! pic.twitter.com/CNCgPNYVmC

– Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) March 17, 2020

Pornhub routinely shares data and statistics from its service. According to the last article published on his insights blog, traffic during the coronavirus crisis was already beginning to be noticed last week. On Wednesday 11 they already registered a 5.7% increase in demand compared to their usual traffic.


It is foreseeable that this measure will be extended to other countries, as soon as they begin to take more drastic measures in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is already creating havoc on societies and economies across the globe.

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