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Popular dedicates its new production to music in times of pandemic

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Dec. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all countries to take control and establish security measures, such as social distancing and curfew, to prevent greater numbers of cases. This has caused people to take refuge, among other things, in music which is scientifically proven to serve the healing process. It is for this reason that Popular has dedicated its already traditional musical production to music during the pandemic. The new production called “We are music” will be presented this Sunday, December 6 at 8:00 pm on the main television channels and on the Internet through

“We thought a lot about whether we should do the musical special. 2020 has been a difficult year for Puerto Rico, beginning with the earthquakes, which were followed by COVID-19. In the end, that was precisely what motivated us to do it. We wanted to give a gift to the people of Puerto Rico, especially to the thousands of workers who daily put their lives at risk to help or bring sustenance to their homes, such as health professionals, hospital janitors, police officers, supermarket cashiers. and our own Bank employees, ”said Ignacio Álvarez, president and chief executive officer of Popular, Inc.

The production had a strict filming protocol to avoid COVID-19 infections led by a department called Health and Safety, which included epidemiologist Melissa Marzán, doctors and people for maintenance and sanitation.

Filming was done in approximately three weeks during October and was directed by Ángel Traverso under the production house CineTrix. Euskady Burgos and Lauri Vega were in charge of producing the special, while Luis Amed Irizarry served as musical director. Other collaborators are: Adiela Marie as music production manager, Helvia Irizarry as music coordinator, and as music producers and arrangers Josué Deprat, Diego Centeno, David Pérez and Antonio Caraballo. The general production was in charge of Teruca Rullán and Natacha Vale, while the editing was done by Carlos Aponte, Juan Pablo Soto Adames and Natalia Rosa. Filming abroad (Mexico, Russia and India) was under the direction of Luis Gerard. The script was by Jorge González and Luis Gerard. The cover design was in charge of the designer Katia Gil, while the photography was by Felix Rivera Negrón and the behind the scenes by Wilfredo Santana.

This year the piece featured the artists Natalia Jiménez, Pedro Capó, Tommy Torres, Kany García, Ednita, Ozuna, Myke Tower, Pirulo, Didi Romero and Kristal Fonrodona, who gave their voices to interpret 10 internationally renowned songs. Among the songs presented in the special are: “Looking for America”, “Mother Earth”, “Breathe”, “Hopefully it rains coffee”, “We will learn”, “I forgot to live”, “The flowers”, ” Water ”,“ My freedom ”,“ Thank you for thinking of me ”and“ We will provide again ”which is part of the credits and is performed by its author Lucía Gil.

“This new production will go down in history, not only because of the quality of the artist it has, but also because of the theme that has marked us forever. We hope it will be to everyone’s liking because it has been done with a lot of effort and commitment, not only on the part of the Bank, but on the part of all production, ”Álvarez concluded.

As in previous years, part of the funds raised will benefit the Banco Popular Foundation, which in turn allocates them to schools and entities with musical programs.

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