Pope Francis enters hospital for stomach surgery

Pope Francis will undergo surgery.

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams / .

The Pope Francisco He was admitted to a Rome hospital for scheduled surgery for a stenosis or restriction of the large intestine, the Vatican reported.

According to an Associated Press report, Sunday’s brief announcement did not detail when the surgery would be performed, but said it would be announced when the process is complete.

This same Sunday, a few hours earlier, the Pope had happily greeted the public in St. Peter’s Square, following the Sunday tradition.

It was even reported that he has a trip scheduled for Hungary and Slovakia in September.

The report adds that Francis asked last week for “prayers for the Pope,” which is suspected to have been due to his scheduled surgery.

The Pope has faced other ailments in recent months, such as a “painful sciatica” that prevented him from presiding over the New Year’s Eve or New Year’s mass.

“Due to a painful sciatica, the celebrations this afternoon and tomorrow morning at the Altar of the Chair of the Vatican Basilica will not be presided over by the Holy Father Francis,” said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni on December 30. in a note.

The pain also affected the Pope’s walk.

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