Popcorn Time, the pirated website that offered movies in a simple format to watch – without paying, of course – known as the “pirate Netflix” has returned after years of being gone. The move is taking place just as millions of people in different countries have to be quarantined by the coronavirus pandemic.

Popcorn Time It became popular because it allowed streaming movies using BitTorrent, significantly simplifying the process of viewing pirated content, not worrying about using download programs or finding trackers.

That made it become one of the most used websites in 2014 and attempts were made to close it on different occasions through court orders, police raids, blocking of IP addresses and blocking via DNS from internet providers in different countries. Finally in 2015 it closed.

Although the app Popcorn Time It had dozens of forks and was cloned countless times, the version that has appeared, version 4.0 seems to be released by a person very close to the original team.

Popcorn Time is back, but was it really necessary?

His return comes at a time when streaming services finally found ways to offer content in exchange for a subscription, legally. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon with Prime Video and Apple with Apple TV + They have managed to capitalize on the attention of consumers who were looking for a simple and inexpensive way to view a lot of content.

Popcorn Time it’s back, but how long will it last? We suspect very little. And above all, we suspect that his return will not generate, by far, the interest he had at the time.

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