Pontevedra becomes strong at home and manages to beat Covadonga (2-1)

04/04/2021 at 7:14 PM CEST

The Pontevedra he won at home 2-1 his first match of the Second Phase of Second B held this Sunday in the Municipal Stadium of Pasarón. After the result obtained, the Pontevedra team is first with 24 points and the oventese seventh with 14 points at the end of the match.

The first part of the game started in an excellent way for him Pontevedra, who took advantage of the play to open the scoring with a goal of Sabater in minute 7. The home team scored again in minute 14 thanks to a new goal from Sabater, thus achieving a double. The oventese set cut distances by means of a direct free-kick goal from Jaime Alvarez in the 35th minute, thus closing the first half with a 2-1 score.

Neither team was lucky to score in the second half and therefore regulation time ended with the score 2-1.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Pontevedra gave entrance to Calvillo, Borja Martinez, Martin Diz and Aitor Nunez by Fernandez, cross, Charles and Santi Figueroa, Meanwhile he Covadonga gave entrance to Alfonso Artabe, Alvaro Garcia, Diego Garcia, Jose Luis Gonzalez and Sergio Rios by Aitor Ferrero, Javi marton, Manu White, David gonzalez and Manuel Well.

The referee gave a yellow card to Churre by the local team already Michel Secades, Javi marton and Aitor Ferrero by the oventese team.

With this result, the Pontevedra he gets 24 points and the Covadonga with 14 points.

During the next day, the second of the Second Phase of Second B, the Pontevedra will play his match against him Sporting B out of home. For his part, Covadonga will play at home his match against him Guijuelo.

Data sheetPontevedra:Cortes, Xisco Campos, Churre, Zabaleta, Santi Figueroa (Aitor Núñez, min.87), Sabater, Cruz (Borja Martínez, min.74), Álex González, Fernández (Calvillo, min.46), Rufo and Charles (Martín Diz , min.82)Covadonga:Aitor Rodríguez, Aitor Ferrero (Alfonso Artabe, min.62), Aitor Elena, Manu Blanco (Diego García, min.66), Pablo Naredo, David González (José Luis González, min.70), Míchel Secades, Jaime Álvarez, Manuel Pozo (Sergio Ríos, min.70), Edu Font and Javi Martón (Álvaro García, min.66)Stadium:Municipal Stadium of PasarónGoals:Sabater (1-0, min. 7), Sabater (2-0, min. 14) and Jaime Álvarez (2-1, min. 35)