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1. Not the pound. The governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, presents its “mirror” side on social networks, an image in which everything it boasts is a success. But nothing further from reality. What it leaves behind in the state is desolation, increased crime and violence rates, poverty, marginalization, government robbery, and corruption. For this reason, Q4 investigates, among other points, the degree of responsibility of the Superior State Audit as an accomplice in hiding mismanagement. The governor-elect, Ruben Rocha MoyaSoon, he will know the state of the administration that he will inherit and then the sad truth will come. That’s the trouble that real life is not the same as the one shared on the internet.

two. Missing. Ten hours after registering what Pemex described as an incident, the company reported having controlled the gas leak in a pipeline of the KU-C satellite platform. “Pemex controls gas and fire emanation in submarine pipelines, in the Campeche probe,” was the bulletin issued. The long silence of Octavio Romero, the director of the company, as well as the low profile with which it is handled. The official is lost. Towards the night of yesterday, in his last message on social networks he sent “a congratulation to the engineers of the country, on the occasion of # DiaDelEngineer”. Phew, how awkward to vanish right now. I could achieve the effect Mountainous area.

3. Vanguard. In the company of the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila, witnessed the audio-light show Ecos de Uxmal. He watched the video and the lights that were projected on the different buildings of this ancient Mayan city and that tells the story of the splendor of this important pre-Hispanic settlement. The vestiges of Mayan ancestors come to life through technology. The project was supervised by the governor, together with the secretary of Tourism of the federal government, Miguel Torruco, and the director of INAH, Diego Prieto Hernandez. Historical success, hallmark of the entity.

Four. New paragraph. From Sonoyta, on the Sonora-Arizona border, the president Lopez Obrador he congratulated those who voted for the opposition and said that they should not be excluded. He affirmed that it is time to begin a reconciliation process after the tension in the elections. “Also my recognition to those who voted for other parties, they cannot be frowned upon, excluded, the campaign is over. We must govern for everyone, seek conciliation and put the interest of the citizenry first, ”said the head of the Executive. Lopez Obrador reiterated his gratitude to the governor Claudia Pavlovich for collaborating with his government and stated that Alfonso Durazo he will be a good governor. Understanding is called the next page.

5. Demagogy. Given the shortage of cancer drugs for children and adolescents, the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies issued a statement to request the head of the Institute of Health for Well-being, Insabi, Juan Ferrer, a working meeting, in addition to announcing a reform proposal to toughen penalties for illicit drug practices. From the outset, the statement sent on behalf of the President of the Commission, the Moreno deputy Miroslava Sánchez Galván, recognizes an effort by the federal government for the supply of quality drugs for children with cancer. Are they going to solve the little ones or not?

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