The moving message from the police through the patrol’s loudspeaker generated applause from people from their homes

By: Web Writing

A heartwarming video was shared on social media showing an officer of the Police in Spain sharing messages of encouragement to the people who took shelter in their homes during the quarantine by the Covid-19.

In the video, a patrol can be seen in the middle of a street and the element can be heard joking about the weather conditions with the Spanish while encouraging them to continue complying with the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

“The good news is that we have two more weeks to continue doing what we are doing,” the police while the residents who are recording it laugh.

“We are at an advantage because we already know what we have to do, we have been training this week, taking it as a training session, we already know what we have to do because we start implementing it tomorrow, which is also going very well,” added the element. from Police.

He also addressed a few words to the children who are living this quarantine because of the coronavirus, he told them that he had a message from Pikachu, the cartoon from the ‘Pok√©mon’ saga.

“Pika pi Pika pi Pika pika Pi” said the element through the patrol speaker while the adults applauded for their ingenuity to address the children.

Finally, the officer ‘translated’ the letter to the adults since he assured that the children they were the only ones who had understood the message in the language of Pikachu.

“They are doing very well, that they continue to behave well, that they are champions and that they do not worry that this is going to happen quickly and that everything is going to turn out well, that is if he says so Pikachu it will be true. So cheer up, “said the element while receiving applause from the people.

Spain reached 2,182 deaths from coronavirus and 33,089 infected, according to the latest figures released this Monday by the Ministry of Health.

The passage of patients to intensive care units because their severity increases is “progressively reducing” over the total number of hospitalized, although in volume they are increasing.