The controversy is served in Portugal. Several media from the neighboring country assure that the Maritime Police has opened an investigation by a video published on social networks by Elma, the sister of Cristiano Ronaldo, images in which the oldest son of the Juventus footballer appears driving a jet ski. The commotion was created by Cristiano Jr. is only 10 years old, and at that age he does not have legal authorization to do so.

Obviously, the video has already been deleted by her aunt, who published several stories on Instagram and one of them was seen, probably without her noticing, Cristianinho in command of a powerful jet ski in the waters of Portugal, where he is on vacation with the CR7 family.

Research confirmed

Speaking to the Madeira Newspaper, the captain of the port of Funchal He admitted that the practice of driving personal boats implies a degree, being compulsory a license that is only authorized for persons of legal age. In accordance with Portuguese legislation, the driving of boats without legal qualification provides for the opening of an administrative offense, punishable by a fine that can range from 300 to 3,000 euros for individuals and from 600 to 12,000 euros for companies or legal persons.

On the other hand, the head of the Maritime Police, Guerreiro Cardoso, confirmed that an investigation is being carried out in statements to the Expresso newspaper. The images that Elma uploaded were taken from a yacht full of adults and children. It showed Cristiano Jr. riding that jet ski before turning in circles as they yelled at him from the boat. Although the video no longer appears on Elma’s Instagram profile, there are photos that were taken the same day in which Cristianinho appears on the boat with her and her mother Dolores Aveiro.