Police investigate Cristiano’s family for a video of his son


Mexico City / 01.12.2020 00:45:01

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, eldest son of the Portuguese star, caused controversy after he was driving a jet ski alone along the coasts of Paul do Mar, Portugal, so after a video was shared on social networks by his aunt, the police are already investigating what happened.

This situation occurred when the aunt of Cristiano’s son decided to record it while circling the yacht driving the jet ski and showing off his driving skills. He also bragged about his 10-year-old nephew on his Instagram account, the video reached 25 thousand views, but was later removed after receiving various criticisms from fans.

« Very bad. What a lack of responsibility. So young and riding a jet ski. I thought there was a minimum age to do it, « wrote a follower.

According to the Expresso newspaper, the captain of the port, Guerreiro Cardoso, was who took the case and decided to carry out an investigation on it, since only adults can drive this type of vehicle, which must have a license to do so.

One of the main points to be investigated will be whether the yacht belongs to the family or to a company, since the price of the fine could range from $ 338 to $ 3,400; But if it’s from a private company, it could be $ 13,500.