Police confront criminals in Sonora; three dead and seven arrested


An armed confrontation between agents of the State Public Security Police (PESP) and hitmen of a criminal group, left three killed and seven suspects detained in Caborca, northwest of Sonora.

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The skirmish occurred at dawn on Friday, in the Ejido La Almita, where with the support of officials of the National Guard, the mixed operation of security agencies managed to arrest seven men; just like him seizure of weapons, tactical equipment, narcotics and vehicles, including an armored truck.

“In the vicinity of the town of La Almita, where the C5i Sonora warned about armed persons, it was then that the PESP operative group that carried out operations in the area confronted the group of armed subjects, requested support from the corporations and It was possible to arrest 7 subjects, in addition, 3 people were found dead in the area ”, reported the Secretary of Public Security in Sonora.

Preliminary information recorded the seizure of 9 firearms, 4 vehicles, including an armored car, tactical equipment and several packages with a substance similar to narcotics.

Staff of the Mexican Army arrived in the area, collaborating in perimeter security, at the moment, the operation continues in the region and when the corresponding legal procedures are completed, complementary information will be issued, as well as photographs of the detainees and insured matter.

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