Police charges, at least 14 injured and two arrested in the Vox act in the ‘Red Square’ of Vallecas

The electoral act of Vox in the Plaza de la Constitución de Vallecas, popularly known as ‘Red Square’ of Vallecas, has been marked by incidents. The extensive anti-riot device of the National Police, which was deployed in the square more than three hours before the start of the act, has not prevented the clashes between supporters and detractors of the formation, which in both cases have been counted by the hundreds. The presentation of the candidacy for the 4-M elections has been marked by the throwing objects at those attending the event, several police charges, at least 14 wounded and two arrested.

Santiago Abascal has accused the Government of the Nation, and especially the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, of having “allowed” hundreds of people will gather to boycott the act of their party. Abascal has interrupted his speech to show two stones that had been thrown at those attending the event and has come to ask the person in charge of the police device to remove all the people who were throwing objects.

Shortly after the act, Vox has reported that one of its deputies, Ángel López, has received a stone in the hand and he had to be treated at the Hospital de La Paz. In total, 14 people have been injured in the incidents that have been recorded. Most had gaps, bruises or abrasions, and the injured person with the most serious prognosis was a national policeman, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and had to be evacuated to a medical center.

While Abascal addressed his supporters the first police charge has taken place on one of the sides of the square. Abascal had approached this flank shortly after beginning his intervention. “We have had to take eighteen steps to get closer to those wretches,” he later pointed out, adding: “A bottle has hit me in the face. This is what Sánchez has achieved.”

It has been from this point that shortly after objects such as stones, bottles, eggs, and even a wooden stick have been thrown, against those attending the event and the riot squads have broken the cordon that separated the Vox supporters from the protesters to make several charges and salvos in the air to expand the security perimeter. At this time, the two arrests reported by the Police have taken place, which at the moment have not informed of the charges that would be imputed to these people.

Throwing objects it has occurred only from this side of the square. On the contrary, the protesters, who have assured that they saw the place chosen for the act as a provocation, have remained shouting and whistling throughout the rally, which lasted about an hour and in which both Abascal and the candidate participated. Rocío Monasterio, and has had the presence of Javier Ortega-Smith, Macarena Olona and other deputies of the formation.

Protesters beat a policeman at the Vox event in Vallecas.

The formation has installed a small stage in the square, and also a lectern with a public address system. The placement of these elements would exceed the authorization granted by the Government Delegation. According to sources from this body consulted by 20 minutes, the permit did not include any type of installation, but was limited to giving the go-ahead to a concentration. The occupation of public space with any other element should have the approval of the City Council, something that this Tuesday the Puente de Vallecas Municipal Board denied, claiming that Vox’s request had arrived without time to analyze it.

“The neighborhoods are also ours, the streets are also ours and Vallecas is also ours”Abascal said during his speech, while Ortega Smith assured that the “red belt” was going to become “green” in the May elections.

During the rally that inaugurates the electoral campaign of the Community of Madrid, some attendees at the Plaza Roja de Vallecas have tried to boycott the act by throwing a stone at the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, which has failed to impact the politician. During his speech Abascal made reference to the escrache received in Vallecas by Pablo Iglesias a few days ago by a group of neo-Nazis, "This is an escrache and not what happens to you, this is violence and not what you suffer".  Abascal has continued to rebuke Iglesias from his lectern: "That a couple of kids have yelled at you, you are a coward who hides in your mousetrap and you are no longer able to walk through this neighborhood".

Around 8:30 p.m., Vox has concluded the rally. Formation leaders and supporters have left the square escorted by the National Police and amid shouts and boos. The police force has been so extensive that it has even had the help of the helicopter of the National Police and the controls have been established in several points of the nearby Pablo Neruda avenue, one of the main arteries of Vallecas that has been cut to traffic.

After learning about the incidents, PP, Cs and PSOE have condemned the violence that has occurred in the ‘Red Square’, while Pablo Iglesias has assured that Vox has gone to Vallecas this Wednesday to “provoke violence” and has opined that the ” images are unmistakable. “