Glee, Naya Rivera: Police Release Videos Before Her Mysterious Disappearance | INSTAGRAM

On the other hand, the authorities speculate that the actress of Puerto Rican origin, lost her life due to drowning.

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It was through his Twitter account that the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department released a clip in which Naya Rivera appears with her little son arriving at a dock on Lake Piru, where he later disappeared.

« In this the video of the security camera from the Piru lake dock is where Naya Rivera and her son rented a boat, » is the title of the aforementioned publication.

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The video shows Rivera and her son Josey, getting out of a car in the parking lot on the lake, it is clearly seen that the actress walked towards the pier with her little one, and approximately 11 minutes later, one of the boats left the pier and sail on the lake.

Likewise, at a press conference, a spokesman for the Ventura County sheriff explained that the rescue teams work under the hypothesis of drowning, although they have not yet managed to locate the body of the actress.

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For his part, the sergeant in charge of the case, Kevin Donoghue, mentioned that Naya had rented the boat (for three hours) around one in the afternoon (local time), however, at the time of his return to the coast , they realized that the famous girl had not returned, so the employees started to look for her, then they received the emergency call.

Something that seems very strange is that Naya already had experience sailing in this lake, on the other hand, the passengers of a second boat found Josey asleep and unharmed with a life jacket on, it was he who explained to the police that he went swimming with his mother, « but she never managed to get out of the water. »

Swimming is known to be allowed on-site, as it does not concentrate many of the dangers of open water, but sometimes the water becomes very cold and elements of hypothermia can occur, something that may have happened, as well it is known with certainty that the vegetation of the lake is so vast that it may also be that this has caused Rivera problems when trying to get out of the water.

And just moments before the tragedy, the actress published a photo of her with her son on her social networks, along with the phrase: “just the two of us”, meanwhile, hundreds of close friends, family and fans have left comments on the publication offering your prayers and hoping to have good news.