Police arrive at Georgia restaurant over chaos to split $ 2,200 bill among birthday guests

Police officers in Georgia They arrived at a restaurant after the administrators of the place alleged that the guests to a birthday demanded to pay the bill amounting to $ 2,200 separately and some refused to meet their debt.

The incident on March 10 was reported at the Louisiana Bistreaux Seafood Kitchen in East Point..

Videos shared on TikTok by the birthday girl’s sister, identified as Quandresha Brinkley, they show the group of about 25 people seated while agents prowl through space.

Some of those present talk with the manager of the establishment who explains that she can withdraw some drinks from the account, but she cannot separate what corresponds to each of the diners.

Key, the user who shared the videos from the restaurant, further alleged that the site managers did not go to great lengths to properly accommodate the guests.

Additionally, he questioned the late delivery of the food, and the fact that the waiters, supposedly, brought meals that the group had not ordered.

“Most of the people were complaining,” said the birthday girl’s sister. “Nobody had food,” he added.

The complainant admitted that people who were not initially invited to the dinner for the 30th birthday ordered, but assured that they were seated apart from the official group and paid separately.

The problem was compounded when many of the adult attendees could only pay in cash and not through the Cash App. There were also no ATMs on the premises to facilitate the withdrawal of money.

In the end the birthday girl had to pay part of the bill after some of the annoying customers left the place.