Police arrest a man when he tried to sell drugs

Police agents arrested Víctor Maldonado Pinto when he was selling basic cocaine paste (PBC) at the door of his house located in the Parque del Sector 1, Grupo 5, in the district of Villa El Salvador.

The detainee sold the drug with his own protocol of biosecurity. For this reason, as a precautionary measure, Maldonado received his clients outside his home and left the illegal product on the walls. In this way the transaction was carried out without physical contact.

“These people receive the money and go to the place where they have hidden the drug. They take out the amount they need and proceed to commercialize, ”PNP Colonel Freddy Velásquez, head of the Lima Green Squadron, told the American chambers.

After receiving the audiovisual material that involved the alleged drug micro-marketer, the forces of order went to his property, where they confirmed that it was used as his operations center.

“He gave some packages, some wrappers, to one person and the other gave him the money in return,” said Velásquez.

« In those moments, the Terna Group personnel proceed to intervene quickly, applying our own techniques that we handle for these cases, » he explained.

Although at the beginning of the police investigation, Víctor Maldonado indicated that he was being intervened for passing through the park and said that the drug found in his pockets was only for his personal consumption, later the subject himself acknowledged that he had previously been intervened for micro-marketing.

In total, the PNP seized 159 PBC packages. At the time of his arrest, Maldonado was with his friend Sosimo Astuhuamán, who days before had been recorded buying his merchandise. The two men were denounced for the alleged crime against public health.