Police argued on the phone with his wife, got out of the car and killed himself

In the Early this Sunday they found the body of a man shot in the head and next to him a 9mm caliber weapon in the city of Santiago del Estero.

According to police sources in the province, It was the neighbors who alerted the officers who spotted a body in the square on Peru Street., in front of the Forum of the city.

Then they revealed that it was the Federal Police Corporal Fernando Moises Barrojo, a native of Mar del Plata, according to the Santiago portal

In the place they kidnapped a pod served with the full magazine of a brand firearm Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm model, black, with which he took his own life.

Mud that He served in the Drug Section of the Santa Fe Delegation of the Federal PoliceHe wore dark black pants, boots of the same color, and a red jacket.

When talking to himThe officer’s concubine, who lives in Tucumán, reported that after midnight on Sunday he had had a discussion by phone with Barrojo, as he traveled to San Miguel from Santa Fe, but In the conversation, she asked him not to go home and informed him of the decision to end the relationship between them.

When cutting off the communication, Barrojo He got off at the Santiago terminal and made the decision to kill himself.

Prosecutor Belkis Alderete intervened in the incident and issued measures to be followed. In the place, personnel of Criminalistics and the Homicide Division of the Province Police worked.