The Human Rights Commission ranked the Police of Puerto Morelos among those who commit abuses during the health emergency by COVID-19.

Inhabitants of Puerto Morelos They denounced that the municipal police, overlapped by the president, Laura Fernández Piña, commit abuses of authority using the health emergency as a pretext for COVID-19.

The data was even confirmed by the president of the State Human Rights Commission of the State of Quintana Roo, Marco Antonio Toh Euán.

And it is that the ombudsperson located Puerto Morelos as one of the three municipalities in the State where the policemen threaten to imprison citizens who are without face masks on public roads.

They look for excuses to abuse

In this sense, Edwin José Che, indicated that the municipal police, overlapped by Laura Fernández Piña, incur in abuses of authority under the pretext that they seek to avoid cases of COVID-19 contagion.

He reported that a cousin of his was arrested for pointing out that the municipal police officers were abusing authority with their actions and was forced to pay a fine.

Abuses of authority are overlapped by the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña.

Meanwhile, Víctor Noverola Domínguez, related that he personally was a victim of abuse of authority, although only one of the two elements of the municipal police who had detained him for not wearing a mask.

In this sense, he pointed out that he was on his way to a pharmacy on a motorcycle to buy a pack of face masks when they arrested him and threatened to lock him up for “putting the population at risk.”

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I replied that I was not sick, so I did not put anyone at risk and for that reason I wanted to stop.

Víctor Noverola affirmed that the other element had to ask his partner to calm down, since it was evident that he was acting badly.

The inhabitants of Puerto Morelos indicated that the abuses occur at the pleasure of Laura Fernández Piña.

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