Poli Díaz released after spending a month in jail

After spending just over a month in prison in the Salto del Negro Penitentiary in Las Palmas (Canary Islands), the boxer Poli Diaz (53 years old) was released this Wednesday, June 9 by the criminal court number 30 in Madrid. A freedom that will be finalized between today and tomorrow, after a trial that has been carried out by videoconference.

‘El Potro de Vallecas’ He entered prison on May 5, after being detained by the National Police when his DNI was renewed and brought to justice, having several pending trials for years and not having presented to any of them despite his various citations .

On this occasion, the Madrid boxer has dodged the blow of justice, which cited him for alleged attacks that occurred in 2014, although he still has two more open procedures with justice.

Speaking to MD, his promoter and manager, Antonio Ricobaldi, director of Unlimited Global Challengers, stated that “we have been in full contact at all times with the lawyers so that a good defense can be made and thus be able to prove Poli’s innocence, since Poli Díaz did not have to be in prison.”

It was precisely Ricobaldi who rescued him from ostracism, and with whom he began the project of starring in a great evening this coming winter in Madrid, animated by the echoes of the golden return of mike tyson.

His last combat was on March 16, 2001, in the city of Ripollet (Barcelona) before the Colombian Luis Cardoso, the one he defeated.

A controversial boxer who went from heaven to hell

Poli Diaz it was seven times Spain champion in light weight and eight times european champion and many old boxing fans still remember the night of July 27, 1991. Spain was paralyzed to watch his world lightweight title fight against the American Pernell whitaker, with which he lost in Norfolk (United States) to the points. It was the high point of a sports career that afterwards would fade like a sugar in a cafe, in a life surrounded by excesses and addictions, of which thanks to his wife and Ricobaldi himself it seemed that he had managed to corner in the corner.

Poli, who came to work as a gardener and in construction after his drug addiction phase, had already been arrested previously. In 2003 he was convicted of assault, when with a beak he attacked a criminal who was trying to rob an elderly person. In 2012 he was stabbed twice and in 2014, after trying to attack police officers, he was arrested again.

A past that seemed forgotten in the new Poli Díaz, and that for now he has managed to avoid, when just over a month ago he only thought about a return that had caused great expectation.

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