Polaroid Go – The World’s Smallest Instant Analog Camera

A redesign of the original camera with classic Polaroid film and wrapped in a release that honors art and creativity.

Polaroid introduces the newest newcomer to the family: the Polaroid Go camera. At just 10.5 cm long, 8.3 cm wide and 6.1 cm high, the Polaroid Go is the world’s smallest instant analog camera. Designed as an accessory, to become your perfect creative companion and take it with you wherever you go. With a matching miniature version of the classic square film, the new camera marks the most significant and exciting change to Polaroid in decades.

“Go create”

To celebrate the launch of Polaroid Go, the brand launches a new initiative with creativity in the spotlight, the “Go create” campaign, which brings together an interesting group of creatives from different artistic disciplines and cultures, who will share stories of inspiration and creation. Among her early collaborators is creative director and designer Quinn Whitney Wilson, who is shaping contemporary culture through her work with Lizzo. Together with current collaborators, Polaroid will launch new “Go create” content through its social networks and digital channels, focusing on identity and inspiration in all its forms. The full pool of creative allies will be revealed in the coming months, so we encourage you not to lose track of Polaroid’s social media.
Available in classic white, the Polaroid Go camera builds on the iconic Polaroid design aesthetic, ushering in a new format of instant cameras for new generations. The Polaroid Go also includes some new features such as: a selfie mirror, a self-timer, a longer battery life, a dynamic flash, double exposure and travel accessories. To create big, but in a smaller format.

Go movie

The launch of the Polaroid Go camera is accompanied by the Go film, which reimagines Polaroid’s classic square format in the smallest analog film the brand has ever produced.

119.99 euros

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