Pol reaction of Toluca – .


Felix Zapata

Mexico City (February 20, 2021) .- Cruz Azul scored 5 victories and stopped Toluca, to take the lead of the Guardianes 2021, after overcoming it 3-2 today at the Azteca Stadium, for Matchday 7.

The Machine took the top while waiting for what America does in its visit to the Atlas, after it knew how to respond to some Red Devils who sold the defeat at the Colossus of Santa Úrsula dearly.

The celestial ones started with great intensity because at 6 ′, Jonathan Rodríguez advanced to the cement team, when he finished off an assist from Rafael Baca in the area, who cut a ball in midfield and began the off-hook.

For the 26 ′, Roberto Alvarado extended the advantage with a volley shot in the area, after a measured pass from Luis Romo, behind the back of the scarlet centrals.

Cruz Azul could get 3-0 but Romo and the whistling Óscar Macías did not allow it.

The sky-blue midfielder wasted that he only reached 36 ‘, after a bad start by goalkeeper Luis García, as his shot threw him to the post.

On the rebound, “Cabecita” Rodríguez finished off in the direction of the goal but the referee crossed himself and threw the ball to one side.

Despite the celestial claims, Macías resumed the match without scoring anything.

That seemed to wake up Toluca, who achieved the equalizer with annotations from Miguel Barbieri, at 43 ′, and Alexis Canelo, at 45 ′.

Barbieri pushed in an assist from Rubens Sambueza and Canelo took advantage of a penalty after a foul by Juan Escobar on Michael Estrada.

The Toluca striker reached 7 goals to establish himself at the top of scorers.

To complement this, La Maquina regained the advantage at 62 ′, with a volley shot from Guillermo “Pol” Fernández, who made 2 matches scoring.

The Argentine returned the advantage to the cement team that no longer lost it despite the scarlet attempts, such as at 93 ‘, that a Paolo Yrizar header passed just to one side of the goal.

Cruz Azul reached 15 points and he does not believe in anyone, while Toluca, who was left with 13 units, was hit again as a visitor, as in his previous outing.