Since Pol Badía left the house of ‘The Discount Time’ in February 2020, the reality contestant has been somewhat calmer, although he has not missed the opportunity to celebrate his birthday. taking off her clothes in this hot summer to post a full nude on his Instagram account for all his followers.

Looking straight ahead, but tilting your torso and keeping one leg in front and the other behind, manages to create a position in which he does not teach more than necessary, only part of the rear and leaving the front for the imagination of his followers. Rings and necklace is the only thing that looks in this image made by the photographer Anna Senan.

Born on July 29, 1994, Pol published this post accompanied by the following text: « With everything that is happening, I prefer not to share a cake, but I do share this body that my mother gave me 26 years ago« comments Badía, thanking all the comments that were to come: » Thank you very much to everyone for the congratulations! « .

Comments of Amor Romeira or Hugo Castejón

In less than 24 hours, this publication has exceeded 10,000 likes and has a great number of comments among which those of other popular faces stand out as Amor Romeira, who addresses his « Polecito », Nuria Marín congratulating him or Hugo Castejón, who publishes: « Congratulations Pol, I imagine you don’t want me to give you clothes. »