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A few months before Pokémon Sword & Shield was released, Pokémon Journeys was revealed, the new stage of the Pokémon anime that would lead Ash to meet Pokémon from all regions. The anime began airing in Japan in November, but the bad news for Latin America was that there was still no arrival date in America. Fortunately, the premiere will take place very soon in our region and to excite the fans a new trailer with Latin dubbing was shared.

Pokémon Journeys will finally arrive in Latin America next week and the first chapter will air on September 21. This series in Latin America will be called Pokémon Viajes, according to Cartoon Network, which is the pay channel that will be in charge of transmitting the anime, as happened with previous seasons.

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The new season of Pokémon will bring many surprises

The 23rd season of the anime will introduce Ash again, but his plan now is to visit the world in search of Pokémon, after he accepted Professor Cerezo’s invitation to become a special investigator, along with Goh, a new boy. who wants to catch a specimen of each species.

Cartoon Network, in addition to confirming the premiere date, shared a new trailer in which the voice actors are heard giving life to the characters in Latin Spanish. As we told you, in this new season the Galar Pokémon make their debut and you can even see new mechanics that appeared in Pokémon Sword & Shield, such as the Gigamax state, which allows some Pokémon to gain size and change their appearance, as is the case with Snorlax in the trailer.

You can take a look at the exclusive trailer below.

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