Pokémon: Twilight Wings – Bonus Chapter: “A Gathering of Stars”

Pokémon: Wings of Twilight It has been a short animated series that has been broadcast on the Internet and in which we have been able to see the life of the inhabitants of the Galar region in a new way that this pocket monster franchise had not explored before. Although this animated series had concluded with its seventh chapter, it was confirmed shortly after that a eighth, something extra to commemorate the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, And now the English version with Spanish subtitles is available!

This is the meeting of stars of the last chapter (now yes) of Pokémon: Wings of Twilight

After a while since it was announced, we can already see this eighth chapter (extra) of Pokémon: Wings of Twilight. Since it is inspired by the two parts of the eighth generation DLC, it was expected that we would see places like the Isle of Armor or the Snows of the Crown, and also all the trainers that take place there to become the most powerful of the region. In addition, in the minutes that this video lasts we can also see the two leading children of this story, who have already shown us that in the world of these creatures not everything has to be happy and that all the inhabitants of this world also have their own internal struggles, in which pocket monsters accompany them.

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In this way, with this episode of Pokémon: Wings of Twilight, we bid farewell to what has been an animated series that, for sure, has marked a before and after in the conception that the players of this long-lived game franchise had of this world. And you, of which of all the stars that appear in this chapter are you the most fans?