Pokémon: this sleeping bag will fulfill your dream of transforming into a Metapod

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Despite the fact that Metapod is not a very useful or powerful Pokémon, fans of the series have found a way to see the bright side and have fun with it. Without a doubt, the Pokémon has its followers and they will surely be very happy to learn that The Pokémon Company will make the dream of many come true: to transform into it … in a certain way.

What we mean is that The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco announced that they will produce a very unique Metapod sleeping bag, since it not only distinguishes the green color of the Cocoon Pokémon, but also impressively captures its shape.

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Despite the toughness of the Metapod, the sleeping bag will be very soft

The product will be available from April 2021 on Bandai’s online store and will be sold for ¥ 35,000 JPY (about $ 335 USD), but you can pre-order now. The page is in Japanese, so it will be difficult to know if the store ships to other parts of the world. The Bandai store is also available in other parts of the world, but the American store does not ship to Latin America, unfortunately, apart from the fact that Metapod does not appear in their catalog at the moment.

Seeing how cool and comfortable it looks, it’s hard to think why this idea hadn’t materialized long before. Below you can see how a businessman can easily transform into a Metapod with Bandai Namco’s new product.

The Metapod sleeping bag will be more comfortable than you think

What do you think about the idea? Would you like to get this sleeping bag? Tell us in the comments.

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