Pokémons that their appearances and personalities have been based on ghosts and demons | INSTAGRAM

We know that most Pokémon are based on the appearances of some real animals, some others on objects, plants, flowers, fruits, and even even mythological creatures, however, there is a small group that their appearances were taken from something darker. .

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It turns out that there are some Pokémon that its creators decided to give it their quirky figures, after relying on terrifying evil spirits, even some demons themselves, here is a list of these.

1.- Gastly, it is a ghost Pokémon, it is literally a ghostly gas ball, its appearance is really very simple, a circle of dark energy with eyes and ghostly aura, however, these physical characteristics are based on the Orbs.

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Some strange spheres that can be seen in photographs, which have a paranormal presence, since they are said to be the souls of humans in pain wandering this plane, although they are not usually evil.

2.- Gengar, the evolution of Gastly, also composed of gas, has red eyes and a terrifying smile, is known as the shadow pokémon and much is spoken of as a version of the shadow of Clefairy, but what some do not they know is that this pokémon could be based on the Shadow People.

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These terrifying and unknown shadows that you barely see and suddenly fade, but you are sure to see them, there are people who claim to see them quite often even in the darkness of their rooms, whatever they are are unknown things that the Most people fear.

3.- Roton, ghost and electric type pokémon, has a truly tender appearance and is usually very playful and joker, it can have objects such as a fan, microwave oven, refrigerator, mower and washing machine, and when doing so it changes its Ghost type for the of the object you own, the reason you can do this is because it is based on a Poltergeist.

The Poltergeist phenomenon is one of the most terrifying, these are entities of great power and all they want is to hurt anyone, a Poltergeist is capable of possessing objects and moving them with great force.

4.- Alakazam, psychic type, has great power of the mind and channels it with his spoons, the change from one to two spoons is very significant for this pokémon when evolving from Kadabra because that helps him to channel all his power, reason for the that your Mega owns more is because it has more power.

We have all seen the shape of his head as this seems to be a five-point star, but inverted, many associate it with Satanism, it turns out to have the appearance of the demon Baphomet, many render sacrifices, mostly animals and in worse cases human, no doubt the most terrifying.

5.- Giratina, who was created at the beginning of time by the Pokémon God Arceus, but due to his unstable power was banished and condemned to live in the distorted world where he is the only king, from the depths of this mysterious world the he watches over others without anyone noticing his presence, as if he were Luc1fer himself.