Pokémon Red is surpassed by fans on Twitter and a video compiles the entire process

One programmer made it possible for tweeters to play the game on their social media avatar.

It seems incredible, but it is not. On the contrary, this is another feat of a community of players. Pokémon Red has been overtaken by tweeters, who have managed to defeat the High Command after more than 90,000 messages. The challenge becomes more relevant considering that the game has suffered even the trolls meddling who have come to try to boycott the game.

As we told you a few weeks ago, a programmer He had devised a system by which tweeters could play Pokémon Red on their Twitter avatar thanks to messages posted on the social network, a way to control the video game. The organization of the players has led them to defeat the High Command this week, passing the main story of the video game.

The challenge seems difficult in itself, but it got even more complicated when a group of trolls (who called themselves Team Rocket) managed to free the Pokémon that the players had trained, among which were Blastoise or Jolteon. But, in the end, the community was able to rally itself and decided to capture Zapdos with the Master Ball, as it could be useful in the Pokémon League.

After passing the League, the players went for Mewtwo. It was funny to see messages on Twitter warning to buy Ultra Balls first, because they no longer had the Master Ball. The author uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how all this has been possible and has said that there will be no second season. He has also shared in a video that you can see in this news that shows how the whole game has been.

Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary Is Coming

Next week, the Pokémon saga turns 25 and it is expected to be celebrated in style. At the moment we are only clear that on April 30, 2021, the New Pokémon Snap will be released for Nintendo Switch, the return of this classic spin-off that fans liked so much. We don’t know if there will be a Pokémon Direct, but there are reasons to dream because it was confirmed that we will have news in the next few days.

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