Pokémon GO: the Magmar event has already started and came with a surprise

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November was full of surprise for Pokémon GO players. Niantic decided to pamper their community and hosted 2 community days during the month. The first of them focused on Electabuzz, but finally Magmar’s time came.

That’s right, the new Community Day is today and is now available to players in all regions. Trainers will have more opportunities to catch the first generation Fire Pokémon.

The surprise is that Magmar can be evolved during the event to obtain a powerful Magmortar. The special thing is that, as on previous occasions, the creature will have a unique movement that will be very useful during combat.

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Magmortar is the reward of the new Pokémon GO event

As we mentioned, the Magmar Community Day has already started and will end until 5:00 PM, local time in your city. Players will have the opportunity to get the Fire Pokémon in its shiny or shiny variant.

In addition, the incenses will last longer and the eggs will hatch faster during the event. On the other hand, Trainers who evolve Magmar before 7:00 PM will get a Magmortar.

The creature will have the Lightning special attack, so it can face its opponents with electrical abilities. It is important to note that this creature with special movement can only be obtained today.

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