Despite the extraordinary and exceptional situation that we have had to live in these days, Niantic does not neglect its most successful game, Pokémon GO, adapting it to the current needs of all its players and facilitating the game from home, among which is a greater spawn of wild Pokémon, that the eggs are opened with half the distance or to be able to fight as much as we want in the new League system GO fighting, measures that will continue until the situation begins to improve worldwide. However, Pokémon GO does not stop, and although it is adapting a little temporarily to the “individual” game and not to leave home for game reasons, the events continue to update as usual. If we have a mini-event related to the April Fools right now, Starting Thursday, April 9, a new spring-focused event will open.

Ah … spring is in the air! Get ready to spring into spring with an in-game event featuring some Pokémon with exclusive flower-themed headwear! Learn more:

– Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) April 3, 2020

Pokémon GO welcomes spring

To get started, the distance of the eggs will remain half, in order to promote everything said above. We will also receive the double candy each time we hatch a Pokémon, and the Lucky Eggs will last 1 hour instead of the usual half hour. In addition, in the store we will have available two new accessories for our avatar based on Togepi. A backpack and a sweatshirt, to be more exact.

As far as Pokémon is concerned, we will be able to find creatures like Exeggcute, Marill, Mareep, Torchic or Chansey more frequently, all of them with the possibility of making us with their variocolor version. They will also appear in the wild Pikachu with a flower hat and Bunneary with flower crown, both also with the possibility of being found shinys. Also, all the eggs we receive from the gifts will be 2kmThese will include Pokemon like Flower Crown Pichu or Togepi, Happiny, Munchlax, Tyrogue, Chingling or Riolu. By last, Exclusive new research assignments will be available during event dates, which will allow us to get hold of Pokémon like Azumarill, Exeggutor from Alola or even Audino.

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Take advantage of the facilities of the game from home, be responsible and get all the Pokémon you can to celebrate the arrival of spring!