Pokémon GO: Niantic prepares compensation event for problems in Tour of Kanto

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Today was a day for which fans of Pokémon and Pokémon GO waited a long time, as Niantic held the Tour of Kanto, an event to celebrate the origins of the series. Sadly, this celebration was not without inconsistencies, but don’t worry, Niantic is already preparing something to compensate some players.

As expected, on the morning of Saturday, February 20, the Kanto Tour began in different parts of the world. In most regions the event went smoothly, but there were some inconsistencies at the start of the event.

The first regions to enjoy the event were the eastern regions, due to their time zone. While players from America were resting, in regions such as Oceania a problem with the game was reported that allowed players who did not buy the ticket for the virtual event ($ 11 USD or $ 284 MXN) to have access without problems.

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Niantic had some trouble with the Kanto Tour tickets

According to the information, certain players from Australia as soon as the event started the game behaved as if they had bought a pass, which allowed them to unlock the Special Investigation that offered many bonuses and that would later give access to the Masterful Investigation (with the they could get shiny Mew, as well as shiny Ditto).

While it was not a problem that affected players, but benefited some, many were not happy with this as they had to pay while others received the content for free. On the other hand, there are other players, who did not buy tickets, who report that they had problems seeing the content available for free for all users, such as research tasks, which offered challenges and rewards for completing them.

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There will be an additional event to compensate for errors

Niantic was quick to recognize these problems and apart from thanking users for their patience, confirmed that as compensation it will organize a new “bonus event” for all those players who bought a ticket.

The company said that this event will take place at a later date, but still undefined and invited players to stay tuned to find out more about this. However, let’s remember that there were also problems at Pokémon GO Fest 2020 and that Niantic decided to bring an additional event for those who bought a ticket, which consisted of a celebration lasting a few hours with bonuses similar to those in the experience. original, so we can expect something similar. We will keep you informed.

As you can see, this problem was not serious for those who bought their ticket; On the contrary, the vast majority of players were able to enjoy the event without problems, they only worried about catching Pokémon, and they shared images of the day of the Kanto Tour with Niantic.

Did you participate in this event? Did you manage to claim a shiny Ditto during the event? Tell us in the comments.

If you think that the celebration of 25 years of Pokémon has already ended in Pokémon GO, you are wrong, that the party will continue for several more days, thanks to an event that will conclude next weekend, with a day focused on Team GO Rocket and Raids, which will occur 1 day after the virtual Pokémon Day concert.

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