Pokémon GO: Creatures of Kalos finally coming to the game this year

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Niantic is preparing a major update for Pokémon GO that will come with several surprises and news for players. The study assured that, with the additions, the title will go to a new level and offer a more complete experience for all fans of the franchise.

Thus, the game will increase its number of creatures, as Pokémon from a new region are on the way. In addition, a new level cap for Trainers was announced, a special event starting today, and an addition that will add more excitement to temporary events.

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Creatures of Kalos are finally coming to Pokémon GO

The first big news is that some creatures from the Kalos region will make it to the title this year. This will happen on December 2, the date when Chepsin, Fennekin, Froakie and company can be found and captured.

From that day to December 8, the creatures of Kalos will appear most frequently in the wild. Additionally, a Mystery Pokémon will hatch from a 1-Star Raid Egg in the same month. Below is the list of confirmed Kalos creatures:

Chespin Quilladin Chesnaught Fennekin Braixen Delphox Froakie Frogadier Greninja Bunnelby Diggersby Fletchling Fletchinder Talonflame Litleo Pyroar Klefki (exclusive to France)

Pokémon GO will have a new level cap

Niantic reported that players will now be able to climb beyond level 40 until reaching level 50. For players who are at an initial level, it will be easier to rank up, since as of November 30, more experience will be gained by catching creatures, evolve them, hatch eggs and find new Pokémon.

Players who reach level 40 before the end of the year will earn the title of Preexisting Trainer 40 and the right to participate in a temporary investigation that will offer an exclusive Gyarados hat and a special medal.

To make everything easier, there will be double the experience from December 18 to December 31. To go up from level 40 to 50 there will be specific requirements and tasks to fulfill. Here you can know all the details.

Seasons will be more important at Pokémon GO events

Pokémon GO will now have a season system to reflect the changes between winter, spring, summer, and fall. Niantic will make adjustments to the seasons every 3 months, which will mean that certain Pokémon will appear more or less frequently.

Thanks to this, the events will be better themed depending on the season. The seasons will also affect Mega Evolved Pokémon, but Niantic hasn’t shared all the details on that.

On the other hand, GO Fighting League will go from 10 to 24 ranks. To balance the experience, the new ranks will have a new reward system, so there will be more opportunities to win and thus rank up.

“GO Fighting League stations will occur one after the other in conjunction with ongoing stations and will change formats in the same rotating 3-month period,” stated Niantic.

Pokémon GO celebrate its novelties with a special event

To celebrate the announcement of all the news of the game, Niantic revealed the event 12 days of friendship, which begins today at 3:00 PM, Mexico City time. As the name implies, the celebration will conclude on November 30.

During this period, friendship levels will increase faster and players will receive an increase in attack when fighting in raids alongside their friends. As if that were not enough, you will gain more experience in the raids and more gifts can be opened per day.

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Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices. Find all the news related to the mobile title at this link.