Pokémon filter announced that we will soon see the next one

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl could have a remake | The Pokémon Company

Before Pokémon Day the February 27, a leading filter of Pokemon released an important and not so subtle teaser about the upcoming game of Pokemon suitable that will come to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

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For months and months, rumors and leaks have claimed that Pokémon fans will not get a new generation in 2021, but rather a remake of a previous generation, or more specifically, a remake of generation 4, or in other words, a remake of « Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. »

At this time, none of these rumors or leaks have been validated or confirmed, but it appears that Nintendo Y Game freak They’re giving the pair of games the same treatment they gave to Ruby and Sapphire several years ago with Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire.

To fuel all this speculation and anticipation, the prominent Pokémon leaker, Pokémon Center, not only advanced all of the above, but also noted that news of the remakes will be shared before the Pokémon Day on February 27.

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While this may surprise some fans, it’s actually not very surprising given that the February 27 it’s saturday this year And, as you know, announcements and disclosures are typically made during the week rather than the weekend.