Pokémon and One Piece have a fusion that you will love

Pokemon and One Piece have a fusion that you will love

This fan imagines a crossover between a Pokémon character and another from One Piece

In recent days it has become customary for deep-rooted fans to perform artworks uniting their favorite anime, either through cosplays or illustrations. In general, most of them have a really impressive finish.

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And one of the favorite franchises To carry out this type of work is Pokémon and One Piece, these two being one of the favorites to carry out fusions with perfect finishes. For this reason, a fan of both sagas has posted on Reddit a mix that is well worth highlighting above the rest.

You’ll love this crossover between Zangoose and Shanks

Next, we want to highlight the work of an illustrator known as KuroTeo, who has made a illustration really surprising between the Pokémon Zangoose and the character of One Piece: Shanks. The result is really sober!

PokéFusion Zangoose + Shanks! Maybe I’ll do Seviper x Lord of the Coast… from OnePiece

As can be seen in the illustration, it has the physical appearance of Zangoose, the predominant colors are the characteristic white of the Pokémon and the shanks red. This creation has the Shanks sword like his cape and the scars present on his face.

Will the communication of this creature be in the Pokémon or Japanese language?

Featured Image | vignette.wikia

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