Pogba at worst

If he proved to his advantage on Saturday against Portugal, Paul Pogba is going through the worst moment of his career by his own admission.

N’Golo Kanté did very hard on Saturday against Portugal. In the first place, obviously, by delivering a dantesque service. In the midfield but not only, as the midfielder of the Blues seemed to multiply to the four corners of the field to the point of registering the only goal of the meeting like a fox from the surfaces. But the international tricolor has also achieved another feat: that of shining Paul pogba. And this while the France team has not lost any of the 26 matches started side by side by the two men.

Three days earlier, against Finland, the former Turinese had completely passed through. “He is obviously not at his best. I knew that before Finland. This match was to serve him to find sensations. He was supposed to play for an hour. After what happened, it’s difficult to find anything positive, ”said Didier Deschamps after the defeat of the Blues against the Finns (0-2).

Les Bleus is really a family.

His performance against Finland was finally in line with those he has delivered since the start of the season with Manchester United and which have earned him most often having to settle for a replacement role. Asked at the RTL microphone on Sunday, the Red Devils midfielder easily recognized this mishap, nevertheless seeing in his copy returned against Portugal some grounds for hope. “It’s a period that I didn’t know in my career. I used to play and have rhythm. There, I resume my feelings little by little, I find myself. You have to provide services like that, be constant, ”he said.

These passages in the French team are also real breaths of fresh air for Paul Pogba. “It’s a window that opens. I speak with Antoine Griezmann and Raphaël Varane, we realize that the group is huge. And when we are in the field, we have fun. It is not that in the club, we do not take it, but here, it is not the same, he explained. We laugh. It really is a family. And the group we have, holders or substitutes, it’s really magical. And that’s why we are happy to come to the selection. The coach has enormous confidence in us. And we trust him too. Not sure if he could say the same to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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