Podemos incurred irregular expenses of 248,868 euros in the 2019 campaign

Pablo Iglesias, Alberto Garzón, Miren Gorrotxategi, in Bilbao, in the electoral campaign of the 2020 Basque elections (Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The Court of Accounts, the body that oversees the accounts of political parties, considers that Podemos incurred “irregular expenses” amounting to 248,868 in the 2019 general election campaign. As explained in a report, a small part, 9,406 Euros correspond to expenses with “insufficient justification” and the other 239,462 to advertising expenses prior to the electoral campaign.

The Court has made public this Monday the accounting of the political formations derived from the general elections of 2019 and for the public subsidies to which they are entitled to pay for the expenses they incurred in the electoral campaigns.

In the case of Podemos, the Court finds that the justified ordinary electoral expenses of the morados were 2,376,086 euros and warns that to consider the subsidies of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (Loreg), the previous expenses cannot be computed at the beginning of the campaign, so that it excludes the almost 250,000 euros considered irregular from public aid.

To consider the subsidies, expenses prior to the start of the electoral campaign cannot be computed.

In addition, the purple formation computed 24,390 euros as electoral expenses when they were due to non-eligible ordinary operations and recorded 128,368 euros as electoral propaganda expenses when, in reality, they corresponded to ordinary ones. For all these reasons, the Court of Auditors has proceeded to its “reclassification” to calculate the real amount that the public coffers will pay in the form of a subsidy.

The report includes the allegations of Podemos. The training of Pablo Iglesias does understand that advertising on social networks should be considered as included in the eligible expenses, to which the Court of Auditors responds that it did not present candidates or program but that …

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