During today, two news They have flooded all the headlines and left the tennis world in a deep state of shock, shock, surprise. The first of these was the confirmation of the worst omens: Roger Federer He will miss all the tournaments that can be played this 2020. The Swiss will go through the operating room a second time to undergo arthroscopy in his right knee, an operation that shows us that recovery after the first operation, after all, he was taking a more bitter path than expected.

In our last podcast we analyzed what is happening in the Swiss team. Although during his recovery in 2016 Roger kept his fans connected at all times, actively showing all the processes of his recovery on social networks and even detailing the lap times, this time the uncertainty surrounds the injury of the player with the most Grand Slams of the planet. What injury do you have, exactly? Why so few details on what should be a transparent process for your fans?

On the other hand, today a Zoom meeting between Andrea Gaudenzi, the CEO of the ATP and his “second on board” Massimo Calvelli, with more than 400 male circuit players, including single and double. At that meeting, in which Stacey Allaster, executive director of the WTA, and Steve Simon, its CEO, were also present, the possible guidelines to follow for the coming months have been detailed, with the reaffirmation that the New York Major will have place following all possible protection and health measures.

Of course, the circumstances will be totally different: there would be no preliminary draw, a reduced double draw and all the conditions set forth above. Given this, the reaction of a good core of the players has not been anything positive, and the decision has been postponed until Sunday 15 amid a panorama of chaos and confusion. Who has the pan for the handle? What is the true negotiating power of the players? Is the Us Open dispute really viable under the strict measures questioned by tennis players like Novak Djokovic or Roberto Bautista?

We talked about all this in a pleasant talk of just half an hour, in which we gave our opinion and, in addition, we remembered and shared experiences about the two interviews that illustrated our website last week: that of Andrés Gómez and that of Ronald Agénor. All yours, friends!