Poco M3, an unconventional economic smartphone

The Poco M3 is set to become the next star terminal for the economic mid-range of the well-known Xiaomi sub-brand, and thanks to a recent leak we have been able to discover its specifications and its design.

What strikes me the most is the effort Poco is putting into its latest smartphones to differentiate at the design level of other models that are its direct rivals. This strategy has led him to abandon the conventions and repetitive designs that currently saturate the smartphone market, and has left us quite interesting approaches, really. For example, the Poco X3 NFC has a very interesting design, although in my opinion it has plenty of huge letters on the back (they could have written “Poco” in a more discreet way).

With the Poco M3, we see that this trend continues. At the back of said smartphone we find the classic vertical rectangular island that houses the set of cameras, but this is integrated into a larger space finished in black and with the letters “Poco” in white. I must say that, in general, I like it a lot, but the same thing happens with the Poco X3 NFC, I have those big white letters.

Taking a look at the front we have an all screen finish with the camera integrated in a notch in the shape of a drop of water. There is no trace of the fingerprint reader, but do not worry, this does not mean that the Poco M3 will lack this component, it has been “hidden” in the power button of the terminal, which is located on the side of the smartphone.

Little M3

Specifications and possible price of the Poco M3

Although we still do not have official information about the materials that the Poco M3 will use, we can practically assume that said terminal it will come finished in plasticSince it is an inexpensive model that targets the mid-range market directly, and mounting metal and / or glass would have made manufacturing costs enormously expensive, and would have inflated the selling price.

Regarding your specifications, we have a fairly complete list that we are going to share with you below:

6.53-inch screen with FullHD + resolution. Snapdragon 662 SoC with eight-core CPU. Adreno 610 GPU. 4 GB of RAM. 64 GB of storage capacity. 48 MP main camera and two additional cameras without specifying on the back. 16 MP main camera. 6,000 mAh battery supports 18 watt fast recharge. Android 10 as the operating system. Fingerprint reader integrated on the side.

We have no information on a possible sale price, but its specifications confirm that it is behind the Poco X3 NFC, which means that it should be much cheaper than that. The Poco X3 NFC is available for less than 200 euros in its version with 64 GB of storage capacity, and around 229 euros in its variant with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, so the Poco M3 is likely to be in the 150 euro range, approximately.

If all goes according to plan, the Poco M3 presentation will take place next November 24. If you were looking for an inexpensive but powerful smartphone to give away, or give yourself away, this holiday season do not hesitate, the Poco M3 could become one of the best options on the market within its price range.