Pochettino: "We have possibilities"

The 2020 final in which PSG fell by the minimum against Bayern planned yesterday in the press conference prior to the match that will measure both opponents again.

Mauricio Pochettino, current PSG coach, preferred not to stop at that game and focus on the current tie. “I wasn’t there, I was just a spectator. This tie will be played in two games, the context is different. There is still revenge, but for us it is more of a challenge to beat a strong team, perhaps the best in the world, ”said the Argentine.

Despite Bayern’s favoritism in these rooms, Pochettino considers that PSG has options to unseat the current champion since “in a tie there are always possibilities for both teams.” We are the contenders, the ones we will try to win and it is clear that we have our weapons to compete and we will try to beat them, ”said the Argentine.

Regarding the strategy to follow for this match, Pochettino he is clear that, “everything goes through the balance between the offensive phase, thinking that the losses have to be in areas in which we can manage.” A lesson they learned after the defeat against Lille in which they lost the leadership of Ligue1. “We allow transition situations and there we lost the game”, He analyzed.

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The Argentine also wanted to take pressure off his two stars. “We focus a lot on Neymar and Mbappé but tomorrow’s eleven have a great responsibility to get closer to victory. We expect not only from them, but from the entire team, a great performance ”.

Regarding the eleven that he will line up for the game, he said that “everyone who is here can play”, and admitted that the players themselves still do not know who will play, in the absence of the last training session. “It is one of the possibilities to play with three midfielders or with two as we have been playing lately,” he said.