One of the news that attracted particular attention in recent days was that related to the appearance of a tiger cub in Plaza Antara.

From social networks, various users reported that during the day last weekend a client who dressed Plaza Antara was carrying a Bengal tiger cub as a companion, a situation that generated all kinds of comments.

While some criticized the presence of the feline in the shopping center, others echoed the irresponsibility of the animal’s owner, as it is considered an exotic species.

Beyond the astonishment caused among the users of social networks, it is worth mentioning that many users emphasized the illegal nature of the situation.

One of the users who reported the incident, identified on social networks as Zaira M. (user name @ZaiPorras) stated:

“In Mexico, it is completely legal to keep exotic species as pets. As long as they are NOT endangered / endangered species and obviously, complying with a series of requirements. I can’t believe that no person at Antara Fashion will call and make a complaint « 

According to those reported in various media, the woman who appears in the controversial photo, contacted this user to clarify that the possession of this exotic animal is not illegal, as long as the purchase of them is made through authorized sellers .

This last message was deleted minutes after its publication; however, for Plaza Antara, the controversy resulted in a warning for forgetting their responsibility.

Authorities of the Mayor’s Office Miguel Hidalgo issued a warning to those in charge of the Antara shopping center for the events related to the tiger cub.

The document was extended to those in charge of the commercial plaza by Gustavo García Arias, legal executive director at the Town hall, who assured that the awareness to enhance the relevant reports regarding the proper management of exotic species.

In a timely manner, the director affirmed “this Saturday we received a complaint (against) some people walking an animal, a feline, an exotic species, and in such virtue a warning is being made to the shopping center so that it does not relapse into tolerating this type of behaviors ”.

And it is that although the point of sale cannot control many of the behaviors of its clients, the truth is that it has the obligation and responsibility, like any other commercial center, to notify the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) , in case of detecting an endangered species or exotic animal.

« Profepa is already aware, it is already taking action on the matter and we thank all the people who made this situation known through social networks, to safeguard the health, well-being and proper handling of the animal, but also to take care of to the civil population ”, underlined the legal head of the Mayor’s Office.

With this in mind, Plaza Antara as a brand forgot part of its social responsibility. It is not only about safeguarding the welfare of the animal in question.

Protecting the rest of the visitors in its facilities plays an important role in the equation that the shopping center simply missed despite the fact that in various publications it was raved about by dissatisfied users.

These kinds of details cannot be overlooked. These are aspects that, although technical, speak a lot about the reputation of Plaza Antara on its policies as well as the security it offers in its facilities.

Although the square only received a wake-up call, the truth is that at the time of the closing of this note it has not established a position before what happened, which continues to subtract points from its image in the middle of a situation that for many is especially delicate.