PlayStation: we don’t like the term “console warfare”

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Console gaming always gives something to talk about because each of the 3 brands, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, have their fan base and many of them do not hesitate to demerit the work of the other and defend their company to the extent and sword. However, the directors of these companies have made it clear that it is very different for them, but they see the “console war” as something positive and put aside the toxicity. the most recent example was Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation.

In an interview with Tass, the manager was questioned as to whether “the console war was still with Microsoft”, but instead of falling into negative questions, Ryan commented that he does not like the term and uses it, but rather sees it as competition, without the need for it to be negative or affect the rival.

Ryan considers the “console war” to be more of a positive competition

According to Ryan’s way of seeing the console market, the competition allows them to try harder and not stay in their comfort zone, because in the end it is the user who decides and who benefits.

“[Guerra de consolas] It’s not a term that I use or even like. For me, it’s great that there is competition. I think it makes us work harder. It prevents us from becoming complacent. It’s great that the consumer can choose. I think it’s wonderful. We are happy and proud of what we have, ”Ryan said.

On the other hand, the manager said that great games are important for the PlayStation 5, so he considers that if they are exclusive, they will give him an advantage in this generation of consoles that is just beginning and indicated that the strength of the games that the studies of Sony made during the life cycle of the PlayStation 4 were a big factor in making the PlayStation 4 so popular.

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As you can see, the “console war” is something positive for Microsoft and Sony (also Nintendo) and because in the end it will serve the user, so it makes a lot of sense to see it on the bad side or to always look for the negative.

Recently the manager of PlayStation Shuhei Yoshida shared a photo in which he showed off his new Xbox Series X and a short time later he shared another with his great Game & Watch edition of Super Mario and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have congratulated each other after the launch from their consoles.

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