PlayStation talks about the new generation of Virtual Reality

PlayStation entered its new generation just a few months ago with the launch of PlayStation 5, a new machine that introduces many new features and that was compatible with practically the entire previous generation, including, of course, its virtual reality glasses.

However, considering how the VR market is evolving and that PSVR was already starting to get a bit outdated – they came out four years ago now -, It was still surprising that they still hadn’t said anything about their plans for the future. But that has already changed.

The company has published an entry on their blog announcing that they are working on a new VR system for PlayStation 5. In it, yes, they warn that it is still in the development phase and that, therefore, it will not reach the market this 2021, but will have to wait a little longer.

As they explain, Their new VR will improve all the features of the current one and they have stressed that this includes everything from resolution and depth of the field of vision to other aspects such as movement recognition and input., thus following in the wake of what other manufacturers are already doing.

The most striking thing is that it will be a simpler system to connectas it will only require one cable. With this they intend to make it easier to use and configure, but they also emphasize that they want the visual experience to have the maximum possible reliability. This second part probably be the explanation they give why it will not be a wireless system.

Another of the innovations they have pointed out affects the command, which « will incorporate some of the key features of the DualSense« In addition to being focused on being » very ergonomic. «  » It is just one of the examples of the futuristic technology that we are developing, « they say.

Regarding games, they affirm, although without being specific, that the developer community has already « started working on creating new worlds » for players to explore through Virtual Reality.